Saturday, 11 October 2008

When the Inner Voice is Wrong...

Last winter I was without a warm winter coat. I found one I liked, warm, comfortable and a good fit in a size 28. But I didn't want to spend £80 on a coat that I said would only do me for one season, since I had no intention of being a size 28 for very much longer. So I put it back on the rail, didn't buy it and made do with what I had. But my little inner voice was saying "yeah yeah, heard it all before. Next winter you'll be back here looking at the size 28s again."

So I just want to tell my inner voice that it was oh so very wrong. In fact I have just purchased a winter coat for this season. But I didn't want to spend a fortune because I don't plan on staying this size for very much longer either. So I've just splashed out an amazing £15 on Asda's Little Black Coat. In a size 20. What a bargain! And this year my little inner voice knows it's place!

Funny how 1lb, or even 2 or 3lbs, doesn't sound like very much. Some weeks I've even felt a but fed up when I've "only lost 1lb". But just look how it adds up! I'm thinking in January I will be about half way to my ultimate target. Not that I've set a target yet, but I'm starting to feel vaguely halfway there. And it feels good.


Shauna said...

Bargain, wooohoo! :)

So cool to reap the rewards of all those pounds adding up :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wendy!

I know that little inner voice -- that devil has made similar whisperings to me about the sizes of various clothes in my wardrobe over the years!

So fantastic to hear that you have now been able to buy a size 20 coat + can plan on buying and wearing an even smaller size next year!

Sara Seahorse said...

that is a gorgeous coat - I have bene looking everywhere for an affordable but expensive looking oat like that - we may end up coat twins

you are now ready for the bestest ever slinky black trousers - I will be sending a parcel to you this week :)

Wendy said...

Oooh slinky black trousers is exactly what my wardrobe is missing!

Hope you get the coat, it's a fab bargain!

Kath said...

Nice coat! I wonder if my local asda has any in stock?

And fantastic progress btw - it's very encouraging to see those pounds adding up. I'm thinking of creating a bar chart so that I can make them all pretty colours as I go!!!!!