Monday, 27 October 2008

Dieter In Weight Gain Shock!

Week 42

Weight: 17st 8lb
Gain this week: 4.5lb
Total lost: 73.5lb

Well not a shock, but I'm still very cross with myself. I've set myself back weeks! It's so much harder to lose than to gain,if I totally starved myself I'd be unlikely to lose 4.5lbs! I felt so embarrassed to have done that as well - everyone else in class had really good losses this week and then there's me with all that weight piled back on! F for effort this week for me!

Oh well, line drawn, clean page opened, etc!

I'm tired and cold and I've got to go to work in a few minutes so I'm running away from my failure leaving you with a very short blog entry!


Digz said...

Don't beat yourself up Wendy, you are doing brilliantly.

Everyone has the odd set back, you will get there in the end.

Anonymous said...

At least your blog entry title was amusing, Wendy!

And I think you had already mentioned that you were expecting this, so not too much of a shock for you, I hope.

Onwards + downwards for next week!

Kath said...

My Word Verification today is one letter away from unhinged!! Made me laugh anyway.

Remember: a bad week is just a bad week. It doesn't need to be a bad fortnight or a bad month! (And I'm telling this to myself as much as anyone else!)