Saturday, 18 October 2008

A Cinderella Moment.

I was just sat here browsing online clothes shops, and bemoaning the fact that I can't buy skirts and dresses for winter because I can't get boots to fit my fat legs. And I love dresses with opaque tights and long boots.

Then I had a little lightbulb moment. If I'm a size 18/20, it's inconceivable that I have the fattest legs in the kingdom anymore, surely. And Evans makes boots for the chunkier of calf. They used to be too small, but now?

And then lightbulb moment number 2. Somewhere in my cupboard lurks an old pair of black high heeled knee length boots, from my younger slimmer days. So I found them. And tried them on, more in hope than expectation. It was almost a Cinderella moment. I slipped in my foot. It went easily. I grasped the top of the boot and tugged on the zip. Up it went,up and up! And they were on, and fastened, and enough room in the boot for an extra arm!!

I can get BOOTS!

(I swore a tiny bit but didn't think it added anything to the story so left it out!)


Anonymous said...

Aww wendy that's so fab!
I miss wearing boots :(

Christine said...


I actually just discovered Evans' for shoes... they go up to a size 9 which is what I wear and impossible to find here.

Nothing is sexier than knee length high heeled boots, imo.

Anonymous said...

Yay Wendy!

Yay for high heeled, knee high boots!


Digz said...

Those boots where made for walking and that's just what you will do.

Well done. It's amazing the things that make a difference. Things most people wouldn't even think about.

Sara Seahorse said...

home shopping direct / shoe taylor do boots that you measure your calf and they do different calf widths

I have lost nearly 6.5 stones and my calves have lost the least number of inches over my body
slimmer chest arms and calves still shotputter-esque

Sara Seahorse said...

Sara Seahorse said... at bottle table of sizes widths and calf measurements

Wendy said...

Thanks for the links Sara. I'll peruse them when I have money in my bank account! Damn money, without it the world would be much more fun!

Kath said...

Yay for boots. I loves boots I do. But I don't have any high heeled knee-high boots.....mmmmm. I may have to stop reading your blog; it could get very expensive!!

SHOEGAL said...

Duo Boots do custom made boots in many calf widths, Allie of My Wardrobe Today swears by them and I think they have an offer on at the moment, Allie has posted details on her blog.

Faith do some of their boots in a wider calf, as do Next. And Evans is always a good bet as you've discovered.

Great blog and good luck with the continued weight loss.