Monday, 13 October 2008

I Love Chickpeas, I Do!

Week 40

Weight: 17st 5lb
Loss this week: 1.5lb
Total lost: 76.5lb

Hurray for another loss. I think that's 3 consecutive weeks with a loss now, which is my best run since July. There's no way I can break a good run like that by failing to lose this week, plus I still need that flipping 5 1/2st sticker that I really really thought I'd got in the bag this week. Damn my hopelessly inaccurate home scales!

Right so how am I going to make sure I get that loss this week? I think carry on doing what I've been doing is the best answer - it ain't broke, nothing to fix here! I like the whole "try a new recipe every week" idea, and it certainly paid dividends for me a couple of weeks ago. I did it over this last week too (sweet potato curry), so to stick to the theme on I'm the lookout for a good new recipe. Something that uses that butternut squash that's in my fridge would be good.

I've been browsing cookbooks in Waterstones - so many books, so little time! The trouble with most of them though is that a hefty proportion of each book contains recipes that I just wouldn't be able to modify to fit into the SW plan. Probably because I choose to do the green plan, ruling out so many tasty meat dishes, not to mention the puddings! I've got a nice veggie cookbook here - Vegetarian Express by Rose Elliot. There's loads of quick and tasty dishes in there. I'm thinking Fusilli with tomato sauce and chickpeas has got promise. I'm loving chickpeas at the moment.

If you'd have told me 12 months ago that I would type the phrase "I'm loving chickpeas..." I'd have laughed and told you that could never happen. Funny how tastes change!


Sara Seahorse said...

well done on a fab 1.5lb loss
the award and certificate will be yours next week . . . my losses always have the little tricks like being 0.5lb off the next shiny

I want my next one too and hope by behaving this and next week I can do it the day after my 40th!

this means sticking to plan even for the 40th birthday family lunch and this Saturday night having a few friends round not going too mad on alcohol - I want the shiny more than the hangover!

Loth said...

Well done you! And I know what you mean about chickpeas - a year ago I had never touched one and now one of my favourite meals in lentil, chickpea and spinach curry. Yumm! And so much for so few calories!

Maribeth said...

I'm eating so many things on a regular basis that I never dreamed of. And I am just 7 pounds from goal.
My thing is to fit and fabulous by the time I turn fifty!
Nearly there!

rosepetals said...

Nice loss, well done!

Chickpeas are my favourite staple-food-in-a-tin! Tasty with quorn pieces and roast peppers in a tomato sauce with loads of smoked paprika. Serve with rice. Mmmmm.

Have you tried a roast butternut squash risotto - I took inspiration from the M&S food-porn advert and concocted my own.

Chop and frylight some squash and chuck in a hot oven till it's going caramelly around the edges. Diced onion, chopped garlic and risotto rice in frylight in a pan, gradually adding chicken bovril stock. Keep adding and stirring till it's al dente. I tend to use about 500ml stock to half a pack of riso gallo carnaroli rice. Whack in half a tub of Quark and some italian seasoning, stir, chuck in the roasted squash, stir some more, snarf.

You can use a HEA portion of cheese over the top but to be honest the quark makes it creamy enough really.

Tis vair vair nice. Try it!

Sara Seahorse said...

I have yet to try chickpeas
I don't like humus so am a bit wary

I am open to trying new things and try and do a new recipe or new ingredient at least nce a week

suggest something simple for me to stick them in?

Wendy said...

Sara, hope you have a fabby birthday!

re the chickpeas, I have pondered what recipe to suggest and decided to take the cheat's option of trying Sainsbury's chickpea curry - 1 syn per jar and it's rather lush served with basmati rice! If you like that, then I will share some other recipes with you!

Loth - recipe please! That sounds like my kind of dish!

Maribeth, 7lbs to goal - how exciting! Well done!

Rospetals I shall add your recipe to my collection, it sounds lush!