Friday, 23 May 2008


Tired, so tired!

If anyone is thinking they might work nights on a permanent basis for some reason, take my advice and don't do it! You come in from work practically asleep already. So you go to bed as soon as you can (school run done, home to bed!) But then you can't drag your arse out of bed in time to get to the gym before having to do the return school run. And that's it. Opportunity over. 6 days has passed since I last entered a gym, during which time I have worked 4 nights (I have done an exercise DVD at home but it's not in the same league!). Nights are making me old, tired, fat and unfit!

My mother in law thinks if you are working a night shift, that's the same as a day off. It isn't.

Anyhow, it's now half term, and free time will no longer exist until the schools go back. I will get in the gym tomorrow afternoon while Rebecca's at dancing and then nothing. But we are going camping midweek and the great outdoors is much healthier than walking on a treadmill, and oh so much more fun! I might haul my old bike out of the shed. I doubt I'd get any further than hauling it out mind you.....

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Loth said...

You have my sympathy and my admiration. I start to lose consciousness just as news at ten starts, so can't imagine working a night shift. I was a joy to behold during those night-feeding months I tell you!