Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Every Step is a Victory

Week 17

Weight: 19st 4.5lb.
Loss this week: 0lb.
Total lost: 49lb

I was a bit gutted to have maintained this week, as I think I pretty much stayed 100% on plan, albeit with too much processed food for my liking. But I guess it's just one of those things - no bad thing I suppose for my body to steady off once in a while instead of careening helter skelter down the scales!

Someone at my class said the nicest thing in the whole world to me as we were leaving yesterday. She told me that I was the reason she had lost weight this week as I had inspired her! How gobsmackingly awesome is that! I don't think I've ever inspired anyone to do anything before. That comment will go in my mental precious memory place for sure! My brother also said something special on my Race for Life sponsorship page..."Every step is a victory!" I nearly cried when I read it, and I could cry again now as I write it. He is so right, every step is a victory - who would ever have guessed, just a few months ago, that I would be entering any kind of race! Just going out there and doing it is victory in itself. If I manage to run some of it, that will be awesome (after this morning at the gym, that is in grave doubt!!) I hope when I reach the finish line I have enough strength left to savour the moment I cross. I don't want to cross in a state of collapse, I want to be elated, glorious and victorious!!

And my personal triumph this week despite my absence of a pound lost is that I bought reasonably priced new clothes along with my groceries today, which clearly means I never have to go near Evans again. This is fabulous news because frankly I hate shopping in Evans.

Right, I'm off to book a session with a personal trainer now. I'm going to be needing a bit of help with that whole victory thing...


Loth said...

Oh yes, I love walking past Evans now. It was one of the things that motivated me to start losing weight: the prospect of having to buy ALL my clothes there. Shudder.
And as for your race, believe it or not, you will be able to feel the two states of near-exhausted collapse and elated euphoria simultaneously. I had worked so hard in my RFL (it goes round a mountain!!) that I nearly vomited in the last 200 metres. It was only the thought of being photographed by someone and forever being "that wumman that puked on the finish line" that got me those last few metres. So worth it.

Shauna said...

YEAH BABY! You should have a bonfire of all your Evans clothes, I bet they'd be highly flammable :)

And that is amazing about the woman in your class... something to truly treasure :)