Saturday, 17 May 2008


I'm posting this to offset the negativity I allowed to creep in here this week. I'm so over that!

I'm dying to do my next progress pics - I want you to see what I'm seeing! In the interest of fairness I'm planning on doing them in my gym clothes, and I've just been checking myself out in front of the mirror practicing a myriad of poses [insert laughing emoticon here!]

I'm wearing a size 22 tshirt, having recently discarded my old size 32 one as seen on the previous pics. While I was never actually a size 32, it didn't seem too big for me either. Also, the new tshirt is bright pink rather than invisible brown. Well I want to wear it for my Race for Life and pink is the way to go there! My bottoms are also a size 22, so I don't care about those XXL theatre scrubs, I am wearing a size 22 trouser easily and I look good so there [pokes tongue out]

I look so much thinner in my inexpert opinion. The only thing wrong with the look is that my 38GG twin girls are squished into my Enell sports bra, and that is a serious bra - they wouldn't dare even think of bouncing while under the control of Enell! I wonder if it would be cheating massively to wear a more figure enhancing bra just for the photos?

Anyway, I said I'd do the pics when I'd lost 4 stone, so not long to go now. Hopefully. I just wanted to let you know they are in the pipeline and will be worth a look!

Now since I'm all dressed for it, I'd best go and do some exercise!


Loth said...

Ah, the wonder that is the Enell sports bra! My 34Gs object to the Enell treatment too - the only undergarment to give you boobs in your armpits!
Really looking forward to seeing those photos.

Rachel said...

Look forward to seeing the pics!

Anonymous said...

Chrissy says I would do the pretty bra thing for the photo updates. I think it will give you such a boost!! YOu have done absolutely brilliantly and I am much encouraged by your journey. Go, girlfriend as Gok would say.