Thursday, 8 May 2008

Just call me Imelda.

I seem to be getting a "thing" for shoes with a heel. I went out shopping for everyday schoolrun and shopping type shoes and these are what I came home with!

It was another of those "I've fallen in love with them and must have them" moments so I shall wear them for the schoolrun and shopping and cultivate a slightly more glamorous and stylish look!

Now where can I go for some nice everyday sandals.....


Loth said...

Ooooh, shiny!!!!

Mark said...

Hey Wendy,
Love the new shoes... TK Maxx is always worth trying for sandals and other nice stuff.
You have inspired me to join the gym too. I'm doing Body Combat classes, lots of punching and kicking (unfortunately only at air, though one can use one's imagination) and I'm finding my inner tiger...gerrr, (that's meant to be a tiger growl).
Samina x

Karen said...

I LOVE those shoes, where did you get them? I NEED a pair myself :o)

Wendy said...

Karen the shoes are from Emotion ( and I highly recommend them. If you can find a high street stockist I would suggest you do that rather than buy online, because I ended going a whole size smaller than usual with them.