Monday, 12 May 2008

Week 18

Weight: 19st 1lb.
Loss this week: 3.5lb.
Total lost: 52.5lb

A happy result this week, and one I was kind of expecting. I have really gone all out for a loss this week after last week's maintain. I've relied heavily on Superfree foods and reduced portion sizes, which is something I suspected I would need to do as my weight came down. I've certainly not gone hungry though, and have even had a few cheeky drinks! Proving, if proof were needed, that the SW plan really is flexible, effective and easy to stick to!

I'm feeling very relaxed following a lovely weekend. I was fed up at the end of last week, after a tough few nights at work. So we booked a last minute camping trip, chucked the tent in the car, and headed 40 mins down the road. By 4pm on Friday I was sat outside my tent in the sunshine reading a Gordon Ramsey book and feeling my stress ebb away. My coolbox was filled with fruit and water for healthy snacks, and we wandered to the local pub for our tea. The only time when I could have allowed my camping trip to trip me up was when I smelled the bacon everyone else was cooking on Saturday morning.....

I didn't get to the gym over the weekend, but it was a very physically active one anyway. Rebecca has been trying to ride her bike without stabilisers, and we all know what that entails! And I did lots of gardening on Sunday too. So the Body Magic levels are all good.

I don't know what I did different at the gym this morning but my legs are aching like an achey thing! Actually, I do know what I did different. I looked at the clock and decided I didn't have time for those pesky stretches that don't really do anything anyway......


Sillie said...

Wow. You have inspired me to re-join SW. Starting tomorrow. I have also joined that SW forum that was mentioned on SOOTS ages ago. It's great - but most of all it has been you that has kicked my arse to do this. I am totally in awe of you.


Rachel x

Another Wendy said...

Well done Wendy! Nearly under 19, which means that you will never wake up one morning finding that you have gone back over 20 st (sorry - one of my nightmares - I imagine that I am going to wake up one morning a stone heavier for no particular reason!)

I am hovering around 16st 10 and have been for 3 weeks, after losing 2 1/2 st. I am staying on plan (SW), writing everything down & doing as much exercise as I can but no joy.

Perhaps portion sizes are too big now - I'll give that a try.

Thanks for being an inspiration.

Loth said...

3.5lb is very impressive indeed - well done. And glad you enjoyed your camping trip - not something I have ever done but I have a sneaking desire to try it sometime!

Shauna said...

That's over 50 pounds gone! Half a century! You gotta celebrate these milestones :) Well done tiger!