Wednesday, 30 September 2009

28th September
Weight: 18st 4lbs
Gain this week: 2lbs
Total Loss: 4st 7 1/2lbs
Blood Pressure: 125/87

Well at least my blood pressure's gone in the right direction!

I was a bit gutted at the scale on Monday, I wasn't expecting a 2lb gain. But standing back and looking at things in the cold light of day, I can see how it happened.

First of all, couple a woman with PMT with the week before payday, and you tend to get a sub-optimal diet! I took in a lot of poor quality carbs over the weekend, mainly in the name of staving off the chocolate cravings, but I will confess to having cup-a-soup and *gasp* white bread! (The cupboard was bare, I had the choice of that or tinned peas....)

And then there is the whole cholesterol thing. I have found that the food I am supposed to eat to reduce bad / increase good cholesterol is highly likely to actually have increased my calorie intake. For example the Benecol yoghurts are 2 syns each, and you're meant to have 3 servings per day for the health effect to kick in. And I don't normally tend to have the Healthy Extra A choices, but now I'm eating porridege every morning, that's lots of milk (calories!) my body isn't used to having. And that "little" glass of red wine a few nights a week - well the syns are mounting up at an alarming rate!

So my plan for this week is to be more careful! I've found the Benecol drinks - only 1 serving per day required, and still 2 syns each, which means I can go back to my Muller Lite yoghurts which are syn free. And I'm going to have to measure that glass of wine ;)

I am away at the weekend - we are having a girly night in a hotel, which will include drinks and "snacks" so the scales may not be a cause for celebration next week either. But at least I'll be giving it my all for the rest of the time - the balance will be better!


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Oh, I hated weeks with gains! You will get those 2 pounds right back off! Stay strong.

rosiero said...

Wow. That blood pressure reading is very good. One step at a time. Tackle the weight next week! x

Lisa said...

You will get that 2 lbs off in no time!

Btw, I have a new site...

Karen said...

That is a great reduction in the BP already! Can you tolerate porridge made with water, or what I like is half and half with skimmed milk and water.

Also, apples are meant to be really good at lowering cholesterol. I read somewhere that eating 3 a day can lower cholesterol by 10% in a month.

That 3 bean chilli is a must too!

CouchPotatoAtHeart said...

The cup-a-soup probably had so much salt in it, that it could totally explain the whole 2lb gain. Salt is a sneaky, tricksy thing.

Congrats on the blood pressure though. That's great!

Anonymous said...


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