Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Cut off at the Legs!

Well I haven't literally been cut off at the legs, but it certainly feels like it. My car isn't working - the radiator is like a leaky sieve, and since it's already been patched up a couple of times recently, I'm starting to think a new radiator may be the way forward. So in the meantime I am having to walk everywhere or rely getting a lift at the odd time I can. The walking part isn't so bad in itself, all good exercise. The trouble arises when you've got the shopping, and you forgot the car wasn't in the car park, and home is all uphill...oh, and don't forget the whining child who thinks the world is ending because you've got to walk the mile or so home! Walking for leisure and exercise is lovely. Walking home from town with the groceries is, I have discovered, a form of hell on earth.

So what I am doing a lot of at the moment is trying to make a tasty healthy meal out of whatever is in the cupboard and that is remarkably hard! My cupboards are very full, but somehow nothing seems to come together to make a meal. The other day I was thwarted for the want of an onion - how frustrating is that!

What I need is some planning, organisation and a good stock of useful ingredients rather than random tins of soup and veg. I don't even like tinned veg, they are an abomination! If I do some meal planning, I can do my grocery shopping online and have it delivered to my kitchen - a process I have resisted until now because I like to go and choose my own produce, but all of a sudden this seems like a damn fine idea!

I went to SW last night (late, because of no car!) and lost 4lb. This is a nice chunk of my summer holiday gain gone. I've got nothing standing between me and success from now until the end of October, when I've got a weekend in London planned. So I'm hoping to be down a stone or so in time for London.

I'm sad to have to confess to having to buy a pair of jeans a size bigger, but they have a belt and I look forward to tightening it!


Miz said...

What I need is some planning, organisation and a good stock of useful ingredients rather than random tins of soup and veg.

yesyesyes. it is, for me, all about setting myself up for success.
In all realms of my life.

lemmie know if you need a hand.
if you want me to try and get my readers in for some planning-brainstorming!!


Wendy said...

Thanks Miz, I'm liking the idea of cross-blog brainstorming!

Anonymous said...

What I do Wendy is sit down on a Monday night and menu plan for the following week. I then go to my preferred online supermarket (Sainsbury's in my case!), and order everything I'm going to need to those meals and all the other "usuals" and it gets delivered on a Wednesday evening. Once it gets delivered I note down the sell by dates and organise my chosen meals into date order, taking into account family activities and the sell-by dates, and I'm sorted!

It means I get time to browse recipe books, think about what I fancy eating (I sometimes ask the others what they fancy too!), and we're not stuck in that rut of week-in-week-out same old meals :-)

Since I've been doing this we've wasted far less food, eaten far more healthily, and eaten a much wider variety of food and meals :-)

I'd highly recommend it - and, as an added bonus, they deliver so you don't have to waste an hour or more of your life "doing the weekly shop" :D

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I hate car problems! It sounds like you are getting creative with the food.

I think that planning and organization really helped me in my quest to lose 150 pounds!

Lisa eats too much pizza said...

Great job on the loss!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the 4lbs loss + best wishes getting vehicularised again as soon as poss!

Hua said...

car problems really suck! So do canned veggies. I feel for you Wendy. But i'm sure everything will be ok, and you will be able to tighten that belt loop after all the walkin' youve been doing! Good luck.

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