Sunday, 11 October 2009

I need a map!

I fell off the rails last weekend, and now I can't even find the damn rails!

I knew I was going to have a bad weekend because I went with my friends to a hotel for a "girls night in" which lasted for approximately 24 hours, and never in all my life have I eaten or drunk so much. Ever! A wonderful time was had by all and I heartily recommend it, but it's bad for your health, no matter how much "use of the spa facilities" is allowed!

Then Monday rolled around and I couldn't face the scales. I swore to myself that I was just going to miss the weigh in, but I'd be back on the rails. But when I turned around, the rails were gone. I'd drifted so far off course that I didn't even know which way to go to find them. I still haven't found them and now I'm feeling sick at the the thought of weigh in tomorrow.

So if anyone has a map showing me the way back to the rails, I'm ready to climb back on. Google Earth is no help. Can anyone show me the way?


Kath said...

Oh dear! I do know how you feel though. You see all those gaps in my blog? Yup. Too busy frantically trying to remember what rails might look like to write anything!!

Seeing the photos from Plukfest helped me find mine. Although yesterday they were missing for a bit.

Remember why you're doing this and see if that helps. And be there for me when I go to my friend's Hen Night which is also a girly weekend in an hotel with use of spa facilities. Ikes.

AndrewM said...

Everyone's allowed a couple of days off.

This is a long term programme so just locate the train, get carefully back on, and continue the journey.

Good luck.

Natasha said...

Sometimes I just look at myself in the mirror. Not in the "Oh, I'm so disgusting" way to get me back on track, but just to look myself in the eye and confront what's really bothering me. Until you know what's bothering you (boredom with your routine, stress, other emotional issues) you won't find your way back.

rosiero said...

Just catching up with blogging in my absence. Don't worry, you had a good time with the girls. You'll get back to the rails eventually. One day at a time!

Lisa said...

If you find it let me know...