Monday, 13 July 2009

Short Circuited.

Wow I'm bad at this blogging malarky lately! It's because I have nothing [good] to report really. I gave WW up because it messed with my head very very badly. I should have seen the signs, it's not the first time it's happened, the "can't stop thinking about food" post was the big clue! So I ended up on a binging spree, which I'm not proud of. But I'm over that now, and levelling back out into normal eating again. Let this be a lesson to me!

Naturally a 3 week binge means I've gained weight :eyeroll: so I'm not loving myself overly much at the moment. My SW exile ends in 2 weeks time though, thank god!

I'm pondering at the moment. What is it that last year made healthy eating seem so very easy, and this year it seems all but impossible for me? Clearly I'm wired up wrong and a fuse has blown somewhere. Someone needs to invent a diet that can fix my head!


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Just found your blog! I wanted to offer you encouragement that you can do this without joining a group. I lost 150 lbs and kept it off for 12 years without WW or anything else. Just by doing what you are trying - healthy eating, exercise & portion control.

It took me a lot of starts and stops before I finally got my head and my emotions to catch up with my desire to get fit.

Sundancer said...

You can do this Wendy! Are you still going on the Wii Fit? I think I remember that you liked it, right? I'm just getting in to the idea.

Maybe last year things were new and fun? You might need to find things that are new and motivating, but striking the balance I guess, seeing the effect WW had.

rosiero said...

Here to give you support. Don't give up now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,

I am also going through a period of refocusing. You may remember me from 2008 when I had a previous blog (called either "Goodbye to All Fat" or "Sharon's Lighter Life").

I went through a difficult time emotionally at the end of 2008 which is why I deleted my blog.

I am trying to refocus now and have started this new blog really only for my OWN benefit, just to record my daily food + exercise -- to be accountable to myself.