Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Week - what the heck is it now? Shall we call it Week 1?
Weight: 18st 8lbs
Total Loss: Shall I start at zero again? I'll come back to this!

Shiiiiiit! But it's OK, because the reason I have this knowledge is that last night I went back to Slimming World. Is there a way of portraying a wide grin on a blog post? I feel so relieved to be back! I got a lovely warm welcome when I walked in, and I just felt like I'd come home.

So today I have had a lovely familiar Green day, and I have eaten salad freshly picked from my own garden, new potatoes picked last night from my own garden and lots of colourful tasty healthy food. Beige is banished!

I have a happy glow today, all's well in my world, how about you?


outlaw said...

OK. so looking back fast you are still 59lbs lighter than when you started.

remember some of the WW lessons... don't go banzai on fruit but enjoy the salad....

well done. keep going xxxx

Anonymous said...

You have to do what works for you and for you that seems to be SW.

For me, I am probably going back to a Saturday morning Rosemary Conley class this weekend, having tried Cambridge Diet, Lighter Life and various other diets which just didn't work for me (long term).

You are still lighter than you were at the beginning, Wendy !!