Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Very Conflicted!

My last weigh in at SW was 13th April, and I weighed 17st 5lbs. Since then I have let one bad habit after another slip back in. I'd be in Tesco buying lovely salad inrgedients, and then a Chunky Kit Kat would fall into my basket. The call of white bread proved too strong, and in particular toast suddenly became part of my daily diet again. And then the convenience of the vending machine at work, which I hadn't visited for well over a year, suddenly became essential!

So it goes without saying that the pounds have crept back on, and that's why I've not blogged - I didn't want to blog about gaining weight, and I couldn't just chatter inanely and ignore the big fat weak willed bloater in the room! So I kept logging on to my blog, starting a few sentences and then clicking the cross in the corner and leaving it "for now..."

So what brings me back? Well I couldn't allow this to go on for another day, so I've taken a drastic step. One that I feel very conflicted about. I've been this morning and joined Weight Watchers. I had a voucher out of the newspaper making this week a freebie, so I went with the "nothing to lose" mindset. The reason I'm so conflicted about this decision is that a: I know SW works as long as you do actually stick to it, and b: I really really miss being inspired by Heather and the members of my old SW class. But I can't get to my old class. Heather does a class on another day too, but for all sorts of reasons a Weds morning class is actually very convenient for me. And I did say when I was on the eternal plateau that I needed to change something, so let's give WW a go. I need to sit down and look at the points, shake the SW plan out of my brain and work on some meal plans now.

Oh, you probably want to know about the weigh in. It is with deep, deep regret that I have to inform you that I weigh 18st and half a pound this morning. I could blame my heavy denim skirt, or that "last meal" breakfast I ate before I went. Or I could even say the scales are probably wrong because they are on carpet and definitely wobbled when I stood on them. But what I'm actually going to say is 9 1/2lbs on? It could be a hell of a lot worse actually, I gained 7 in Xmas week alone! We are away next week for half term, so I'm going to have to find a class to attend to get weighed while we are away. I could have waited until we got back to join, it would have been easier in a way. But I couldn't just keep sliding for another fortnight. Today's the day I take myself in hand!

And now I'm going to find the WW forum and look for some inspiration and ideas. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading you for quite a while and I think you are doing the right thing Wendy. I'm sure that it must be a real struggle trying to lose weight with so much temptation around all the time. I am keeping my fingers crossed that WW will help you. With summer nearly here even a few pounds lost will make you feel a bit happier. Hope things go well and you can keep your blog uptodate with good news!
Best wishes,
Wendy (Wales)

Fat[free]Me said...

Sounds like a good idea - it is always nice to try something fresh. Look forward to reading about your progress!

rosiero said...

Good luck with the new plan. (the word verification on your comments page was "trylaser"!!

Wendy said...

LOL @ "trylaser" - that sounds like my next good idea to me... ;)

outlaw said...

Wendy, pick up, and onward. I was delighted to see *any* post and I'll be sending you vibes like billy-oh!

it's hard to make the decisions permanent. Keep at it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Wendy - they say a change is as good as a rest, and, personally, I love weight watchers!

I lost 2lb a week consistently for 12 weeks last summer, and have managed to keep it off without counting points since. It is difficult weighing everything to start with, but you soon get to know your portion sizes and how many points things are, and there are no "sins", so if you fancy a chunky kitkat, you just need to account for it!

Anyway, hope it works for you as well as it did for me :-)