Friday, 29 May 2009

Holiday Snaps.

We're back!

We ended up coming home a day early because we had a day and a half of horrible weather, high wind, driving rain and so so cold, so in the end we gave up, packed up and headed for a day trip to Blackpool on the way home instead. As it happens, the weather turned and the sun shone that very afternoon, but I still think we made the right decision because we were getting tired and grouchy in a cold wet tent. And the tent suffered a modicum of damage, in the form of a rip to a seam, so water was getting in. But I am actually very happy with the tent's performance - it really was getting battered by the wind, enough that I was up in the night walking round checking everything was still pegged down. The wind can sound scary in the dead of night when you can feel the groundsheet underneath you trying to lift off the ground!

Anyway, photo time!

We had a visitor in the form of Barnaby Bear from school, and our task is to create a photo diary of Barnaby's half term, so the first photos are of Barnaby at a ballet class, and the following day at church.

We went to a lovely camp site near Morcambe, called Red Bank Farm. We've been before, and loved the wide open spaces, but found the facilities just a little bit too basic. But since then there has been an upgrade, and the facilities are lovely now. There is even a lovely cafe on site, which was very handy for a warming breakfast after a night of holding the tent down. No Points counted I'm afraid, my excuse was I was cold to my very core and if I didn't warm up I might die!

Here's the view from our tent.

Gorgeous isn't it!

Rebecca playing, plus the required inclusion of Barnaby!

The weather looks fab there doesn't it! How could I possibly need a hot breakfast bun plus hot chocolate then?

I think you can actually see the chill in the air in those shots!

But we went on to have a blast in Blackpool, walking along the beach, playing with the waves, fair rides etc, and I think these pics show that we found fun in the end!

We camped with friends, but obviously I have not used photos with them in, since I haven't asked their permission to plaster them all over the internet!

Oh yes, this is my diet blog so I had better mention it! I found a Weight Watchers class in Morcambe and trotted along to get weighed - I lost 4 1/2lbs! I can't complain at that at all, it makes it all worthwhile.

Hope you enjoyed my holiday snaps!


Joy said...

Glad you had a good holiday, love the pics of your daughter (and B of course!)

Well done on a fantastic loss. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Photos are fab :o) your tent looks a lovely size - what make/model is it?

Wendy said...

Bryher it's a Coleman something or other, I think it might be called "Big Cypress". It is fabulous, it is supposed to sleep 8, but is perfect for 4 plus 2 dogs! And it really stood up well to many hours of howling wind.

Fat[free]Me said...

Well done on a great weight loss - so glad you had a wonderful holiday! Hope the weather is as lovely your way this weekend as it is here too!

rosiero said...

Welcome home. I guess bad weather goes with camping - we always seem to have bad luck weatherwise when we go camping!!

outlaw said...

Just caught up on your last couple of posts.

The WW thing did take a lot of getting used to - two weeks or so... and then I could start seeing where to change the heavy point stuff for light point stuff. Which is about the time I think I started to have porridge with fruits of the forest rather than milk and black tea. Apples always USED to be lower points, so grab one of those rather than a banana which is rather fast sugar.. or a pear... or two clementines... tis a question of geting to know stuff. OR snack on carrots/cucumber etc.

hang in there and well done.


Lisa said...

Lost weight on vacation!? GREAT job! The trip looks fun. :)

- Lisa