Thursday, 21 May 2009

From SW to WW - It isn't Easy!

Oh man, Weight Watchers is hard! The concept is easy enough: Eat this many points worth of food per day and you will lose weight. It's the execution that has my head spinning. I need to forget everything I ever thought I knew about eating and start from scratch. No longer can I grab an apple, or gorge on a punnet of strawberries because fruit is not free food! It all has points, and it's going to take me a while to adjust to that cold hard fact!

And as for portion sizes, well I'm feeling faint at the WW concept of a medium portion of rice, pasta, cereal etc. This is what I expected though. I ate a LOT of these foods before, I filled my boots. And now I can't. 'Tis a fair shock to the system!

The truth is, I am currently feeling properly hungry, but stupidly I don't need to be. I have points left. But I also have to go to work tonight, and I don't want to leave myself short of meal options for there.

Here's what I've eaten today:

Breakfast was a sachet of Oatso Simple with 180mls of semi skimmed milk. As fas as I can tell, this is 4 points worth. I would love to be corrected if I'm wrong!

Lunch was a handy WW ready meal consisting of 5.5 points. It was delicious. It fitted on a side plate. I followed this with a tasty WW yoghurt at 0.5 points.

For tea I had a WW pizza (3.5 points) and filled up with a massive salad, including about 1 points worth of coleslaw. I don't intend to survive soley on WW branded products, but I'm just trying to feel my way in to it. Tomorrow I will cook from scratch. Probably. I have also had a sugar free jelly (nil points) and an orange (0.5 points)

That's 15 points. My usual points allowance will be 26, but I think I'm meant to be having 18 this week, for the Fast Start thingy. That leaves me 3 for the night shift then. I'm pretty certain that the only way I can survive it is to take a day, whatever sort of day, work or otherwise, to be midnight to midnight meaning I can take a cereal bar and some fruit to eat after midnight, and still be able to have a mini pitta with tuna and salad before midnight.

It's all very complicated. I needed to wear my glasses to do the grocery shopping today, because I spent all my time reading food labels and trying to work out the points.

I implore all the WW followers in Blogland to come to my aid and give my your best tips!


Anonymous said...

You see, I LOVE WW. I looked at the SW stuff and it totally confuzzed me. I've got a link to top tips on the right of my blog which you could haev a look at. Biggest think is to eat all of your points. Some people who do points count from 6pm rather than the traditional midnight start - I wonder if that might help you with your night shifts?

Joy said...

Oatso simple with 180mls SS is 3.5 I believe, tend to use water if I have one (travelling etc) and then it's just 2 points.

Also find that the ww branded stuff is useful for ease of pointing, but making stuff yourself can really mean getting more for your points.

Julie said...

I make it 3 points for the Oatso Simple with semi-skimmed milk (1.5 points for the sachet and 1.5 points for the milk). It's only 2 points if you make it with skimmed milk, with no discernible taste difference.

Have you signed up for the Monthly Pass at WW, giving you access to the online tracker? I don't think I could do WW if I had to manually work out the points for everything but the online tracker is fab - you can save all your favourites and store and point-count your own recipes. The points system does seem a bit complicated at first, but it does get easier!

BTW, if you're over 14 stone, I think you're supposed to have 22 points on Fast Start.

Good luck!


rosiero said...

Can't help with WW. Just wish you lots of luck and am sending you supportive vibes.

Digz said...

Bulk everything with no point veg and keep lots of sugar free jelly around.

Good luck, it will get easier to understand.

Loth said...

Can't help I'm afraid, the whole idea of points and stuff has always made my head hurt. Maribeth who blogs at Dackel Princess lost a whole load of weight with WW and is, I think, going to become a WW leader. I'm sure she would be happy to advise.
Hah! The word verification word is "gymit". A hint if ever there was one!

Lakeland Jo said...

I didn't do well on WW cos i drank all my points in wine ( I think they have restricted this behaviour now though). I didnt do well on SW cos I ate industrial quantities of everything and it didnt control my bad habits ( ie- portion control).
I do think that the diet has to fit your lifestyle and your personality. That is why LL has worked for me ( very low carbs basically).
I wish you all the best with whatever strategy you use. Keep at it- I am rooting for you.