Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday 17th February 2008

Welcome, dear reader! You join me as I am about to enter week 7 of my "Lose a huuuge amount of weight and get fit" campaign.

I joined Slimming World (not for the 1st time!) on 7th January, and stood on the scales with trepidation. It's like this you see. Ever since I was about 15 I have been a yo yo dieter, and I have had some damn fine losses let me tell you! The problem I have is that I never learn from my past mistakes, so sooner or later I fall off the wagon and go back to my bad ways, regain all the weight I've just lost, plus a stone or so extra. That's how I made it up to 22st 11 1/2lbs by the age of 40. Did I say that outloud?? Oh well, if you are going to cheerlead me on my journey, you'd better know it's going to be a long one ;-)

At my last weigh in I had managed to shed a total of 20lbs in 5 weeks, so yay me! I get weighed on Monday evenings so I will have a progress report for you tomorrow night (or when I next blog....)


Wunda said...

Hi, followed you over from the comments on Shauna's fab blog.
Just wanted to say hurrah for doing so well so far, and to keep it up!! I would say something far more inspiring, but that's what Shauna's for ;0)

Wendy said...

Thanks Wunda :-)

Mrsp said...

What an inspiration!.
Gonna get me a lot of that and attempt a run tonight (probably a fast walk, but every little helps).
Keep it up Wendy