Thursday, 21 February 2008


Before I started the Big Healthy Eating Plan, I embarked upon a gentle exercise regime. I had been staying with my sister Mel and we had both agreed that we needed to take serious action to reduce our health risks. So we made a pact to both take up some form of exercise ASAP. When I was younger and fitter I used to really love going to the gym - nothing beat the endorphin rush of a strenuous hour working out. But I kind of lacked the courage to go back, seeing as I was now about 10 stone heavier!

I did a little research and discovered Curves

I screwed up all my courage and made an appointment to have a look around, and one Friday in November I walked in and met Louise. I very quickly decided this was a good place to step back into exercise. The idea is you alternate between machines and "Recovery Boards" for 30 seconds at a time, working the various muscle groups in short intense bursts. The machines are air resistance rather than weights so the harder you work, the harder you are worked if you see what I mean? The resistance increases as you work harder. Louise was fabulously friendly and reassuring and totally made me feel comfortable. It's ladies only, and no mirrors so no paranoia about watching yourself bouncing around. So I signed up on the spot - you've got to seize the day I think!

One of the things I love about Curves is that it is a smallish group, and there is always an instructor right there with you all, encouraging, leading the exercises on the recovery boards and correcting anyone using the equipment incorrectly. And chatting away the whole time - a good girly gossip doesn't half make the time fly by!

The ladies in Curves were amazed and delighted this week when I had my monthly weigh and measure. I think I am safely at the top of the leader board there this month. Well a girl can't get too much affirmation and validation hey!

I have also taken up Yoga. It isn't going to burn any fat but it certainly stretches those muscles and is wonderfully good for the soul! I came out of Yoga on Tuesday and went straight on to Curves and was sooooo very chilled out that no matter how hard I worked I couldn't get my heart rate up into the "green" zone! After my first circuit I still had a healthy resting heart rate which is pretty astounding considering how very quickly I normally get up to green and beyond (I usually have to tell a little lie and say I'm green so they don't make me slow down a bit!)

I have 2 more exercise goals for the immediate future.

1: Swimming. How I want to get back to swimming. But god I'm fat!

2: Rollerskating. DD (Dear Daughter) skates every Saturday at the leisure centre and I'm dying to join in. I've got me some inline skates from Freecycle and under her tender 6 year old tuition I can stand and move forwards round the living room. But I'm not ready for the public gaze yet, not least because the skates won't fasten round my hefty ankles. But baby steps people! I'll get there!

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Sara Seahorse said...

I am so glad I have started exercising now too - it gives me a buzz and makes my mood lift