Tuesday, 7 April 2009

If you do what you've always done, you get what you've always got.

Week 65

Weight: 17st 4lb
Gain This Week: 2.5lb
Total lost: 77.5lb

Clearly something has to change. I'm just not sue what yet. I was determined, utterly singlemindedly determined this week to get below 17st. Other than the slight screw up midweek with that once recipe I don't think I put a foot out of line, so no way in hell should I have gained 2.5lbs. 2.5lbs is something like 8000 calories allegedly! This means that either I'm doing something catastrophically wrong and I just don't know what it is, or this is the longest plateau that mankind has ever seen, or maybe, just maybe, there is some other reason why I can't lose it now.

I've never ever tried to blame anything other than eating too much and moving too little for my weight. But now I'm starting to consider all possible options, and maybe there is an underlying problem. I don't know. I doubt it to be honest, but I was driven to Google this morning. I didn't know what search term to try, since overweight, obesity, weight loss would all bring up the obvious diet sites, and no doubt blogs like mine. So I tried "Weight gain" and discovered 310 possible causes. That's a pretty long list! Many of them I can rule straight out for myself. I know I don't have heart failure, I'm not a growing adolescent and I'm not pregnant. I haven't quit smoking (I don't smoke, maybe I should start!) I haven't sustained a brain injury and I don't think I'm depressed, but I could be if this carries on much longer!

So how about things I can't rule out? Well there's a handful of gynaecological conditions in the list which I can't absolutely rule out, since I am actually experiencing some abnormal to say the least cycles at the moment. And then there's hypothyroidism - I don't have all the symptoms, but I have enough to make me think it may be worth a trip back to the doctors.

Truthfully I don't think there's anything much medically wrong with me, but I am searching because I don't want to throw my hands in the air and give it all up. I don't know whether I need to try something other than Slimming World, but I feel slightly weak at the thought of a plan that involves weighing and measuring and counting points! Maybe I should speak to my GP about medication? But I feel weird about even thinking that. It's like I'd be cheating or something if I did that! I wouldn't be able to go to class every week because I wouldn't be on a level playing field. And I wouldn't be able to be in the magazine when I reach target either, and I bloody well plan to be!

Aaaarrgh I'm being driven insane by my body! Where's the weight loss fairy when you need her most?!


Gwilli said...

Don't give up Wendy, you are doing fantastically. Are you still with slimming world, could your food need a bit of tweaking?

Maybe a different type of exercise? It wouldn't hurt to get a check up I suppose to put your mind at ease..

Wendy said...

I won't give up Gwilli. I need to find the key to losing again, and I don't know where to look right now, but I'm not ever ever ever giving up!

I agree with more exercise - I'm being very active in terms of dog walking, skating, gardening etc but I need to be in the gym too I think. If only there was a few more hours in the day...LOL!

I'm still doing SW and I'm still totally a fan. I believe it can and does work. I've stopped doing Extra Easy because I thougt it wasn't working for me, but look where my Green week got me!! Gaaaah!

Beth said...

I wish I had some magic weight loss fairy words! Your determination in the face of disappointment is inspiring though, be very proud of yourself for everything you've achieved, and for still holding onto the drive to achieve more.

I was terrified of WW, but I honestly love it with my whole heart after only 3 weeks. Maybe it's time for a shake-up?

Failing that, could you do a week or so of a different plan? Try a red week, try Success Express or just something different?

rosiero said...

I'm smiling because my daughter said a similar thing this morning. She gave up chocolate for Lent and found she was putting on a bit of weight, even though she was eating loads of fruit and salad. Then she decided to have a sneaky piece of chocolate last week and then another and another. This led to more unhealthy eating. This week she finds she has lost three pounds. She has decided to go on a junk-food diet to lose some more pounds. You just can't win!!

One to many said...

Hi Wendy, im really sorry your stuggling. The only advice I can give is to try not to let it get you down. I think you know when you have had a good week and sometimes the scales just dont reflect that. I often found that I would have a big loss and then put loads of it back on the next week even though nothing had changed. I remember bluntly refusing a SAS log from my leader as I knew I had doen nothing wrong so the gain was crazy! What I hate about the process is how a loss motivates me to continue and a gain seems to be license to give up whereas it should really motivate me even more. You know it works as you have lost steadily for a long time so dont give up. Get checked out by the doctor, change your days around, change your B choices - its a constant fight against your own body to stop it from maintaining. Good luck for the coming week :) Elora

outlaw said...

I think the whole 'change it around' comment is the best. change your exercise routine, eat different things for breakfast, and try not to get disheartened (really really easy to say, I know).

It took you years to get to your (starting) weight, patiently work at it.

Also, is AF due??? have you stopped drinking as much water? were you carrying your purse when you got weighed? try measuring your arms and legs and look at the long term drops, perhaps you are just readjusting your body, getting rid of fat, adding more muscle and blood?:????

KEEP GOING. xxxxxxxxxxx

Lakeland Jo said...

Whatever you do keep going. We are all rooting for you.
If you get stuck again, try lighter life. I have tried the lot, and this is the only one which has worked for me. Three stone since Jan 13th and I have lost every week. The fast results have kept me focussed and I feel wonderful X

outlaw said...

Wendy, I'm going to officially kick you.

STICK with it for now, but change things around a bit. measure inches rather than lbs.

come back.... it will be worth it.