Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Big Decision

You may recall I recently posted that I was considering my options. Well, a decision has been reached, and in a way it has been based on events slightly outside my control.

I am taking a break from Slimming World.

I'm quite scared of being out in the wilderness on my own, but I know the plan off by heart so no excuses for not being able to apply my knowledge. The reason I've come to this momentous decision is that Rebecca has a dance class every Monday at the same time as my SW class, for the forthcoming term. I don't want to Pay & Weigh, I can't see the point in that. So if I can't stay to class, then this seems like the right time for a natural break. Mind you I hovered for ages over the "Send" button when I was emailing Heather to let her I said, it's scary!

It is going to be interesting to see how I deal with food without the spectre of a weigh in hanging over me. What I'm hoping is that less pressure will actually have a positive effect, rather than a negative one. I'm hoping I still make wise choices and don't pile any weight back on. My work uniform is very snug fitting, I can't really take even a few pounds gain and still hope to fit in it, so that will be my monitor. If, god forbid, I find I can't fit in my uniform then I will be back at class faster than you can say "weak willed bloater"! I've thrown my big uniforms out, just to make sure.

I suppose I also need to decide whether to stick to the SW "rules" or try just a bit of common sense eating. What I'd like to try out is learning a little bit of portion control. If SW lacks anything it's portion control. It's a wonderful thing to think that you never have to feel hungry and you can gorge yourself on as much of the right food as you like, but I worry that my appetite has stayed huge and that's the cause of my immense plateau.

So smaller portions, healthy choices, more exercise, no weigh in so no pressure. But lots of blogging to help keep me focussed.

It's a new beginning of sorts.

I'm almost too scared to hit the "publish" button now - once I do that, it's true!


Lucy said...

Hi Wendy,

I find blogging helps me for much the same reason - it's a way of keeping focused without the pressure of weekly weigh-ins. Having been a member of various diet clubs in the past, at the moment I really relish the freedom of being able to design my own healthy eating plan - I find it more motivating and fun! Good luck with this new chapter in your weight loss journey - I hope you have fun with it too. :)

Gwilli said...

I think I PMed you about why I don't use slimming clubs. People can do it without them you just have to be stricter and well said by Lucy is you have this blog. You want to show everyone rooting for you that you are still losing. Keep up the blogging Wendy I love reading your entries and spurs me on with my blog too :-)

Fat[free]Me said...

By having a regular weigh-in at home (or elsewhere if you don't own scales), keeping an eye on your food intake on your own terms and by gaining support in this blogging community, I am sure you will do fine.

We will be here for you - good luck!

outlaw said...

I used to use the Boots scales and i had a smart card which kept a record of the last 10 weighs.

TBH, I think the portion control thing is very important - the whole small plates thing works too.

Is there anything you can do exercise wise at exactly the same time as Rebecca? ie is there a yoga class at the same time?? It's hard but not impossible. Just remember that whilst Slimming World, the Plan, is one way to do things, Heather will have given you lots of other advice that will come back to you as you spend a term by yourself.... :D Keep blogging - that's most important. and hang in there....

sebbie said...

I have heard people say before that they have stopped SW because of the portion control issue. As one said, fruit may be good for you but eat plenty and the calories rack up. Good luck Wendy you have done so well so far I'm sure once you have worked through this you will lose more.

Sundancer said...

Hi Wendy,

It's a big decision, it's no wonder you're feeling nervy about it. But it sounds like a good one - I was going to suggest a temporary target for a while, but you need this for other reasons, and if the class is getting in the way of life then you gotta do what you gotta do.

I've been with SW more on than off since the year 2000. If I've noticed one thing, it's that SW often doesn't work out for long term losers, and I put it down to portion control too.

Good luck, I'll be keeping an eye on how you do! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think its a good idea to have a break,I have issues with sw,only because it doesn't teach you portion control!

Will be following you - you know that!
Struthie xxx

rosiero said...

I am sure you will be fine. I have lost 12 pounds over the last 10 weeks purely by cutting out all forms of saturated fat. I have snacked on fruit or eaten rice cakes when peckish. As for portion sizes, I have heard that if yu serve up meals on tea plates rather than dinner plates, you will get used to smaller portions. Good luck.

Beth said...

Lardons steeped in Jersey milk all round then? ;-)

PLUK lurker :-) said...

This book is worth a read:

No offence intended, please don't take any!

Guinea Piggy said...

Would you consider doing a weekly weigh in here on your blog? I do weekly weigh in's on my blog and feel that it keeps me accountable much like a diet group does.

I know that being in charge of your own weight loss after leaning on the resources of a program can be a little daunting. Dont' worry, just stick to what you've learned so far and you'll be just fine.

CouchPotatoAtHeart said...

Ooooh, exciting. Good luck trying something new.

Kerry said...

I've been reading your blog right from the start and am at a similar stage to you - been with SW for almost 2 years, done okay but always questioned how it's 'allowed' to eat say, 10 bananas or 4lb grapes (yes, that's me in the fruit shop!)per day. I have stuck withing a couple of pounds of my current weight for almost 8 months and am deciding whether to take a break and do the plan on my own. I have really picked up my exercise recently and want to concentrate on that side of things for a while so I think I'll be following your lead. But please, please don't stop blogging. You are too funny and kind a voice to be quieted.
Best wishes!