Monday, 15 August 2011


Can you keep as secret? Promise to keep it under your hat?

Well, here it is, but I don't want the whole world knowing it - I'm back at Slimming World as of today, and as fat as ever. When you look up the phrase Yo-yo Dieter in the dictionary, you'll find my picture there. It's not a pretty sight.

So I have sat through several series and 3 continents worth of The Biggest Loser and allowed myself to slowly but surely absorb the message - exercise and healthy eating will change my life and win me £250,000. Only one of those is true. But genuinely, seeing what most of those contestants achieve in a matter of months is very very inspiring. I dearly wanted to apply for the UK version this year, mainly for the benefit of working with the trainers, but sadly 3 months away from home, family and work is just not a realistic option so I have to find my own way to reclaim control.

So in addition to Food Optimising which starts now, I am looking for a way to heave my bulk into an exercise regime. I am still a member of a gym, and must dust my card off soon. I still own a lovely bike. But since neither of those things has got me off the couch for several months, I found myself searching for something that might. Some of you might remember my most triumphant moment in 2008, when I did the Race For Life. That's the feeling I want to get back! Now if you google the terms "couch" and "5k" a remarkable thing happens. That's right, there's an actual training programme called Couch to 5K! It's goal is in it's name, and it is made to sound oh so simple. 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Start off by walking some, jogging a little bit, walking some more, and week by week improve the ratio of jogging:walking, and at the end of week 9 you too can be running 5K. I've done day 1, I actually made it and didn't die. I posted my small triumph on Facebook, as you do, and my brother commented "The first step is the hardest!". Well I'm telling you, I've read the rest of the plan and I think he's mistaken :)

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Food Addict Extraordinare said...

It's so hard to start exercising again isn't it? I love that you googled 5k and couch. That's totally something I would do. I've been trying to get in the pool and just start moving some everyday. My tendency is to get all Rambo for about a week until I collapse. I'm going for the baby steps strategy this time. Good Luck! I'm right there with you!