Saturday, 19 June 2010

Judgement Day

You might have gathered from my last post that I spent last weekend enjoying food and drink with no attempt at moderation. We were celebrating a friend's upcoming 40th and really you can't do these things moderately! Knowing what was likely to happen, at class last week I decided to aim for a maintain this week, and I knew that even that was going to require some Herculean effort for the remainder of the week. So once the debauchery was over, I survived on fruit, salads and jacket potatoes. I kept my syns way down low and reduced my portion sizes from gluttonous down to hearty.

Thursday arrived and I stood on the scales with a deep breathe to steady my nerves. I was genuinely amazed to see a number 1.5lbs lower than last week, a result I wouldn't have had the brass nerve to hope for!

So I don't really have any right at all to feel in any way disappointed to have hovered half a pound away from my one stone award, but we know how much I enjoy receiving those little shiny stickers! So colour me ungrateful and prepare for my celebration next week when that sticker shall be mine. Oh yes it will!

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Monday, 14 June 2010

Dear Future Me...

Hi there, how is the 45 year old me doing? Did you manage to resist all those leftovers from the party when Dom brought Debs over to meet us? There was so much food left over, torturing me every time I went in the kitchen - all that white bread, the Pringles, the dips! Luckily there was also lots of salad and fruit and as I type those are the leftovers that I am enjoying. But only the future me knows right now how well my resolve lasted!

Sitting here writing this, I am 43 years old and weigh 19st 4.5lbs. I lost only 1/2lb last week in spite of my monumental self control while camping, proving that every single thing we eat does definitely count - that loss of control on the Saturday exacted a price! This week I am only aiming for a maintain because of Debbie's 40th - remember that Friday / Saturday at the hotel? Amazing I can remember it now really, when I think about those Pimms Debbie was making. And it turns out that drinking Cava from the bottle in the hot tub was a fairly serious breach of Health and Safety rules! Still, no harm done, not until I stand on the scales next time anyway. Did I manage to maintain in spite of the Cava, the Pimms, the £25 bottles of wine, and all that food? When I write it all down I have to say I don't hold out much hope! Good job I played some tennis, at least I can lay claim to some Body Magic.

So how has the weight loss journey gone in these last 2 years? If I lost just 1lb a week between now and this letter reaching you, I would be 104lbs lighter and that would be fantastic! Have I achieved anything that amazing? Maybe I'm even at Target, whatever that turns out to be. Maybe I am the elusive Size 12. Am I?! How does that feel? I bet it feels like a dream. I can imagine looking in the mirror and not recognising myself - when you have always been fat, it must be quite hard to see yourself any other way.

There is so much to ask you, Future Me. Where am I living, working, how is Rebecca doing? Are we all happy and fulfilled? But I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see, unless they invent a way for you to reply to my email.

See you in 2012!


Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Holiday is Over

We are home from camping! We got home late yesterday afternoon, and just in the nick of time since I am now looking out of the window at miserable rain!

We had a brilliant time, the sun shone brightly the whole time, so we have come home hot, sweaty, filthy, sunburnt and totally knackered - all the hallmarks of an excellent camping trip! I have written a long review of the campsite for and will let you know if/when it gets published.

So. How did the dieting go? Well I had very strong resolve, and actually did a really good job of staying on plan all week. I didn't drink, and I ate meat and salads and jacket potatoes, and fruit for dessert. I made my low fat version of Eton Mess one night and it went down a storm with everyone which was nice. I do have to confess to slipping right off plan yesterday though, starting at lunchtime, when I could still have salvaged it - we were packing up and the kitchen stuff was all boxed up and put in the car, so we ended up sharing a portion of chips which I could easily have counted the syns for and not strayed at all. But then I succumbed to some wine gums in the car for the homeward journey, and totally blew it by getting Chinese for tea - doh!

No worries, that's done and dusted, and is only 1 day out of my whole life. I'm back on it this morning and don't at all have that "I've blown it now, may as well carry on!" feeling - if anything I'm more determined than ever because I am absolutely hell bent on seeing a decent weight loss when I get back on those scales on Thursday!

I will report back!