Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Holiday is Over

We are home from camping! We got home late yesterday afternoon, and just in the nick of time since I am now looking out of the window at miserable rain!

We had a brilliant time, the sun shone brightly the whole time, so we have come home hot, sweaty, filthy, sunburnt and totally knackered - all the hallmarks of an excellent camping trip! I have written a long review of the campsite for and will let you know if/when it gets published.

So. How did the dieting go? Well I had very strong resolve, and actually did a really good job of staying on plan all week. I didn't drink, and I ate meat and salads and jacket potatoes, and fruit for dessert. I made my low fat version of Eton Mess one night and it went down a storm with everyone which was nice. I do have to confess to slipping right off plan yesterday though, starting at lunchtime, when I could still have salvaged it - we were packing up and the kitchen stuff was all boxed up and put in the car, so we ended up sharing a portion of chips which I could easily have counted the syns for and not strayed at all. But then I succumbed to some wine gums in the car for the homeward journey, and totally blew it by getting Chinese for tea - doh!

No worries, that's done and dusted, and is only 1 day out of my whole life. I'm back on it this morning and don't at all have that "I've blown it now, may as well carry on!" feeling - if anything I'm more determined than ever because I am absolutely hell bent on seeing a decent weight loss when I get back on those scales on Thursday!

I will report back!


BJC said...

Hi Wendy! Congrats on your continued success with weight loss. I know it can be difficult when you're on a trip or vacation, but it sounds like you've got things dialed in! I'm a firm believer in supporting those who are going through or have gone through this, so I hope you don't mind me stopping by. I need to put up some before and after pics of myself, hopefully next weekend. Take care and keep up the good work!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

There's noting better than camping in fine weather. Glad it stayed fine for you.

Gwilli said...

Well done, it's hard to diet when you are on holiday. This is where I fail, I eat junk and drink wine and then it carries on when I get home and then that's the end of me!

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Typical, I have a holiday from blog land and you return with lots of your great writing and SW tips! Anyhow, regards to the 'blip' I think it was a perfect blip! We are normal, and human, and if we are to do this diet as it is meant to be done properly, your blip is perfect! Just as Mrs Miles-whatsa-face would want. I am meaning the fact that you have enjoyed your day of eating a little of what you fancy and got right back on track!I am getting the hint that they are 'pro-blip' at SW, it is normal after all. It's the back on track part that is the hardest. If we are to do this diet forever then that is the one skill that we need to learn well, I think you can now happily tick the box that says 'controlled blip' quite confidently. I, alas, cannot! hee hee. xxx