Friday, 23 July 2010

Lose Weight, Or Die Trying!

This was my motto this last week. It was a motto I chanted to myself on a regular basis. There was no way on earth I was going to allow myself to return to the scales last night with anything but a loss. The size of the loss didn't even matter, one again it was simply about regaining control of the situation and getting those pounds moving off again.

And happily I once again proved that when I give it 100% effort, I can indeed shed the weight - a nice healthy 2.5lbs loss this week, bringing me to 1st 8lbs off (and over 4st since this whole thing began back whenever it was, which is good for me to realise sometimes, when I am in a less positive mood!)

I achieved this loss by doing a "Speed Food Challenge" which involves choosing more of my food from a list identified as being good for speedier weight loss. So most fruit and veg (for some reason when we talk of speed food in class, we all think of pineapple, but that's not the only speed food!), poultry, beans, some fish and so on. I could have been limited by my budget, as pay day is next week. But Google is my friend and upon searching for speed food recipes I found Mushy Pea Curry - and all the ingredients were already in my cupboards! I confess to feeling a bit nervous about trying it - let's be honest, you're never going to see it made on Masterchef! But actually it was really tasty and filling. It was very reminiscent of chip shop curry sauce, and although I enjoyed it with Basmati rice, I could well imagine eating it poured over Slimming World chips instead. The only thing I would say is if you are the sort of person for whom presentation is important, you might want to close your eyes when you sit down to eat this curry!

My other great revelation this week was frozen chopped onions - how could I have got to 43 years old without knowing about them? They have saved me so much time and effort this week, and I can make a chilli without all those onion related tears now! Whoever invented them, I salute you!


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

I need slimming lessons off you Wends! Bring me some inspiration...x

London-Lass said...

Good luck with your weight loss - sounds like you're making excellent progress :)

I read your earlier post re. possible wheat intolerance with interest. I, too, thought I was allergic to wheat so sent off for one of those Yorktest Laboratory Test thingies and it turned out I was allergic to milk proteins instead! I was having a reaction against the butter and/or the sandwich filling and I didnt even know. Anyway, since knocking out all dairy products and introducing a stack of soya substitutes I've shed 8 pounds (without trying). It's a pity the Yorktest thingies are so expensive cos I'd be recommending them to everyone.

(PS : I'm also known as Bedford Falls from TMT!)

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Thanks London-Lass, that's interesting. I have googled York test and the prelimanary test is only a tenner. Shame you read further on and find out what it will cost to actually identify the problem food!