Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Light Bulb!

Weight: 18st 1.5lbs
Loss: l.5lb
Total loss 66lbs

A little smaller loss than I would have liked but I am totally determined to see any loss as a good thing and not allow myself to fall because I became downhearted. So yay!

I had a little lightbulb moment this week. Without a doubt we all know that its important to eat breakfast and drink plenty of fluids. And usually I put this into practice because rules are rules after all. But one day this week I got involved in a busy day without eating or drinking before I began and as the day wore on I found myself battling severe cravings. I wasn't hungry. I couldn't have sat and eaten a big meal or anything. But I wanted chocolate or cake oh so badly. Badly enough that that my husband/enabler found me standing peering into the fridge frantically drumming my fingers on the fridge door. When he pointed out what I was doing I reverted to standing wringing my hands as I tried to head myself off at the pass. I call him enabler there because, bless him, with the best intentions in the world, he rushed out to buy me chocolate. I am proud to report here that I didn't eat it. It remains, 4 days later, uneaten and now hidden from me.

So when I looked back at my day, I very quickly saw where I had gone wrong. No breakfast, a rushed lunch, and shockingly little to drink. In fact once I realised how little I had drunk, I poured myself a huge glass of diet coke (yeah I know, it should have been water, but I was resisting chocolate in the actual house at this point you know!) and very quickly my cravings were suppressed.

I can't claim I will never make this mistake again, but at least I know there is a readily availble solution to the problem, and that's pretty empowering. Better than a Chunky KitKat!


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Awesome! I laughed at the visual picture of you drumming your fingers on the fridge. Very funny, but very true.

I did that so many times I can't even tell you. Before I lost all my weight (150 lbs) I lived with the refrigerator door open!

You did a great thing - you resisted your cravings, and moved on. Next time it will be even easier. Keep up the good work!

Fat[free]Me said...

Yesterday was like that for me too. I didn't get the cravings, but a nasty headache. Glad you managed to side swipe that one!

And well done on the excellent loss - 66 in totaly - WOW!

Lisa said...

so true! I am a craving monster if I miss breakfast! :)

Jenn said...

I don't know, those Chunky KitKats are pretty good! :-)
Just kidding. I totally agree with you - how I start the day has a direct effect on the rest of the day's choices.
Congrats on the loss!

Mandy (mandystap) said...

You sound so like me but you have willpower, I don't at the moment. Keep up the hard work hun. xox

Beakerella said...

Well done!
I have been lurking on here for a while and find your blog to be a big inspiration, so much so that I have re-entered the warm embrace of slimming world myself!

Lakeland Jo said...

I have never been a keen breakfast eater. Never feel hungry in the morning til about halt ten/eleven. Then it has been a fatal hit the badcarbs scenario. Now I endeavour to have something. It does work. Keep up the great work

rosiero said...

Well done for resisting. I would have eaten TWO bars of chocolate!

Amy said...

I just discovered you! Love this post, I could totally picture you standing there at the fridge with door open and drumming your fingers on it. I have done that sooo many times myself!
Great job on diverting yourself from that chunky Kit Kat. They are tempting!