Tuesday, 30 December 2008

And So To 2009

Week 51

(Can't quite bring myself to type the stats...)

Did everyone have a lovely Christmas? We did. I'm now very ready to embark on healthy eating again! What I wish is that I could bottle how bad all the excessive eating actually makes me feel, to stop me making the same mistakes again - bloating, heartburn, clothes too tight, lethargic, and headaches, terrible headaches! I can feel every single one of the cough[7]cough pounds I gained in the last 2 weeks. No regrets though, it was Christmas and could have been a lot lot worse! It did bring home to me though how incredibly bad I would feel if I suddenly weighed what did this time last year - I wouldn't be able to move!

I found resisting blogging in the last couple of weeks harder than I expected. Several times I logged on and started writing some random entry, but then I would get called away and end up deleting what I had written. You didn't miss any great dieting revelations, I just had an urge to waffle!

A Nintendo Wii has entered our lives this Christmas - what a wonderful device that is! As yet we don't have Wii Fit, but we will! But even playing Wii Sports is working up quite a sweat, and my arms are killing me! And I'm getting a bit competitive on the tennis game - playing every point like I'm on the verge of winning Wimbledon ;)

So, on to the serious business of New Years Resolutions! I don't make many, I don't like setting myself up to fail! But here they are in all their glory:

1]Continue Slimming World with renewed vigour, aim to lose another 5 stone this year.
2]Spend less time online!
3]Exercise more, and train for the next Race for Life which I have promised to actually run this year, in support of Ted again, who is going through a truly terrible time at the moment. My heart goes out to Ted and his family.
4]Save some money (this is likely to be the one I fail on, something always comes up that takes anything I have managed to save!)

That's the lot!

My next entry will be about the brand new SW plan, Extra Easy. I want to try it before I give my opinion, but my first reaction is Wow!


Loth said...

The Wii is fun, isn't it? We don't have Wii Fit either, but the tennis and boxing fairly get your heart rate up. Needless to say, I am the worst player in the house!

I have eaten appallingly badly (or well, depending on how you look at it) over Christmas - in fact a tin of chocolates resides at my feet as I type - and I am scared of the scales. I am supposed to run 5k in less than 2 weeks and doubt I will be able to walk it, never mind run! However, I will go out and participate if it kills me as it will hopefully spur me on to get back on the wagon. Have a good Hogmanay (as we Scots say) and I look forward to following your journey in 2009.

Mrs said...

Happy New Year Wendy!

I'll be very interested to see how you like your new plan.

See you in 2009!

Take care.

Mrs Lard xxxxx